What are you gona be?

A CEO? A hairstylist? The next Warren Buffet? Whatever you’re gona be you’re need a plan to get there .

Lets take the moon landing for example, someone somewhere looked at the moon and said ” One day I’m going to walk on the moon. ” and sure enough that day came July 20, 1969 but it wasn’t do alone.

The moon mission was only a success from planning, trial & error, hard work, longer hours, and a team that saw the dream to the very end.

I bring this up because sometimes we forget that great things aren’t done alone, sometimes it takes many minds and one dream to see the impossible become the possible.

I believe you can accomplish great things, I believe you’ll start that business, I believe you’ll get that CEO tag, I believe in you.

We all believe in you; so when you finish this article start your day 1, open that notepad, and plan your path to day 1000.

-MOC Forever

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