Salmon Tacos

15 min prep time

30 min cook time

Makes 9 street corn tacos

Baked salmon~


1lb salmon

3 Tbl spoons old bay

2 Tbl spoon oil


1) Pre heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

2) rub salmon down with old bay and oil

3) place on baking sheet and cook for 20 mins

Tomato and cucumber Salad~


1 Roma tomato

1/2 sweet yellow onion

1/2 cucumber

1 bag of pre mixed salad

2 limes (juiced)

1 cap full of white vinegar

1 Tbl spoon of Tajin season ( with lime )

Salt / pepper to taste


1) chop salad and place inside a medium sized bowl

2) medium dice and combine all ingredients in bowl and mix together

Optional toppings:


Sour cream creme

Chipotle mayo

Taco sauce

Once all your prep has been completed heat your corn tacos in the oven for 5 mins and once done take them out and put together your tacos with you salmon and salad and enjoy!

Finished tacos

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