Dream big, Work harder

You ever wonder where your coffee came from?

Well ill tell you, it started as an idea. Now I won’t be the one to give you all the details on just how coffee was invented, but I can tell you Starbucks wouldn’t be here today if that person didn’t roast some beans, grind them up and put some boiling water on top of them. Its from that one idea that the world was able to put in a few extra hours.

I bring that up because whoever our coffee creator was, their idea changed the world in ways they’ll never know.

Your idea may bring about the same impact and you don’t even know it yet. That’s why it’s so important to dream big and work harder

 Where do you think the person who created Starbucks is now?

I don’t know that one either, but I know they’re not working a 9-5 and I know they’re not spending their days listening to their boss. I’m pretty sure they’re off somewhere living the life they dream of doing all things they can imagine.

I want you to take away one thing from this; There’s nothing stopping you from inventing the next coffee bean and creating your own Starbucks.

Dream big and start small. Find that idea you’re most passionate about then work on it day in and day out, tweaking it until it’s just right. Then stay consistent with it, you need a plan and work hard at it until it makes sense. And last but not least I want you to never give up on yourself because I know you’re capable of touching the stars and more.

Dream big and work harder friends because there’s so much out there waiting for you.


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