Step 1: Getting your shit together

Now this is arguably the hardest step in the 12 it takes to get you to your peak you

You have to get your shit together.

Now I don’t know any of you but what I can say is that we all had something in common.

We all want to get our shit together right?

For that simple fact I’m here to tell you that you can do it and I 100% believe you because I myself have done it

And I know if I can do it then anyone can.

Now I know that’s hard to do because everyone has there own baggage they’re dealing with.

But unlike what everyone else is telling you

“Just drop the baggage.”

I’m telling you how to manage your baggage properly and healthy

First thing you should know is that getting your shit together is different for everyone

We all live individual lives and all have individual experiences which makes us individual people.

Let’s use a airport reference to give you a idea of what I mean

When you go to airport what’s the one thing you can significantly see at every airport on the planet?

~People with baggage

Now this is what you see:

Some people have heavy baggage

Some people have small luggage

Some people have a lot of baggage

Some people even have no baggage.

Now this is what you don’t know:


You have no idea why any of those people you see has or doesn’t have any luggage

You don’t know that person.

You only know what’s in your bag

Because of that you don’t know how valuable or how painful it is for to that person to be carrying around that luggage.

Now think about people like luggage

You don’t know what shit people are dealing with or what happened to that person for them to turn out like that

So that means everybody’s shit is different

some shit is light,

Some shit is heavy

but that’s not to say that all shit isn’t as equally shit

It’s just that some shit only you can come out of because only you can deal with it.

And that’s why I believe in you

because I know you can do it too.

Now I going to use another airport reference

Let’s say you packed your bag for vacation, what are you bringing?

Your best clothes?



Now imagine if it was stolen or lost or damaged how would you feel?

Would you be angry? Upset?

No matter how you felt, the fact is it’s still gone or broken and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So in turn what do you do?

Carry your most valuable things on you and put your less important luggage in a suitcase.

You have to think of you life like you would your luggage for your trip

Before packing your shit you have to figure out who you’re going on vacation with right?

So you have to figure out who is going on this trip with you regardless of if it by choice or they were forced to come you got know that’s important

Because when you’re packing your shit You have to decide what is worth keeping close to you and what you’re ok with losing. If you can afford it then by all means take it then take it, if not then you know where you stand on the matter.

It’s the same with people

Wether it be your family or friends or anyone who comes into your life you have to be be aware of who you surround yourself with, who you allow to get to know, and others who don’t hold weight in your circle

It can become baggage,

And the thing about baggage there’s only so much you can bring.

Now this next next part is going to be a doozy…

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