Step 2: Dig deep

I'm not about to sugarcoat this part. 
You're going to have to dig deep 
And I'm not talking about any surface-level soul searching I'm talking about
Getting to the root of who you are. 
You going to have to find out what makes you tick 
The reason this is so important is that if you want to change yourself you'll 
Have to change your habits 
And changing habits is sometimes more difficult than moving mountains

let's use a common issue as an example.
Let's say you bite your nails 
That's a clear sign of stress or anxiety right? 
So how do you stop? 
Are you stressed?
Are you scared? 
Are you worried?
What is causing that reaction to occur inside of you? 
Is it internal or external? 

You got to be able to answer that if you want to be able to stop.
But here is the thing Biting your nails is just the reaction The problem is 
what causes that reaction 
Most people don't fix their problems, 
they just change their reactions whether it be positive or negative
But changing the reaction doesn't solve the problem 
And our goal is to fix the problem 
In these steps, you are going to do a deep dive into yourself
I'm going to teach you how to build yourself from the ground up 
I'm going to show you how to make yourself whole so that you can find out who you truly are and not who the world wants you to be. 

With all of that said I'll see you in step 3 

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